Hi! I’m Shannon Stoltz. Writer, entrepreneur, & best of all, Mom to 4 fabulous (grown) humans.

I’m passionate about learning, personal growth, possibilities, communication, and technology. And food. I like food too. 🙂

Each day I am constantly vetting information, resources, and tools that may help those I serve. This site is set up as a repository of links and resources that I have personally vetted and share with others.

The goal here is to more easily share information, resources, and tools that I find useful and maybe of help you. Most I have personal experience with, others I have vetted and feel comfortable sharing with you.

One Size Does NOT Fit All. My criteria and needs may be different than yours. So I encourage you to be a savvy consumer and do your own research against your own needs and criteria.

In full disclosure, some of the resource links I share are affiliate links, which means I might earn a commission if you make a purchase through my link. My family, the horses, and my heart-projects thank you if that is the case ☺️

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